King County Veteran’s Consortium



Kings County Veterans Consortium (KCVC) is a site that services veterans and their families when they are adjusting back to civilian life.  KCVC has a cluttered website which the primary purpose was to allow veterans to find service providers.


The site was cluttered and not laid out for the best impact. The site didn’t provide an opportunity to create content for maximized community interaction.


The designers set the task of creating a clean layout that allowed KCVC the ability a clean and professional look. They found a great information architecture that allowed for a better layout and made the site easier to navigate and view. My fellow developer and I on the project set out to find tools that would enable community interaction. We considered CMS’s and other tools to allow an audience to engage with the site. We eventually chose WordPress which would allow us to create a custom theme that matched the designer’s creation and allow KCVC the ability for greater outreach.


First, we created a working wireframe/protosite based on the original Information Architecture. Then when the visual designs were created, we implement the visual design and functions into the site.

We created a function that would help automate a portion of the SEO. For ease of navigation of finding blog posts, we created a function that would create a list of subjects along the side.

We created a search function that helped veterans find the service providers easily.


KCVC has a website that is more appealing to the eye, better information layout, and a site that allows for better communication with their demographics. NOTE: this is an ongoing project, and I look forward to updating the results!

Anthony Developed This