Tuesday, Nov 22

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ITC110:  Today was a lab day and spent two hours beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how to make an array dynamic. For a GPA calculator. Ugh.  WEB120: more information about wire frames no updates.  ITC240 : continues to be a source of fun. I made my first database and now. […] Full Post »


Published November 22nd, 2016 in Uncategorized by Anthony

ENGL106 : I arrived early to school so we could work on our presentation before class. The problem child of the group  shows up an hour late.  We managed to work her research into the presentation. Nevertheless we removed her from presenting the website because she failed to report her documentation by the deadline.  During […] Full Post »

Week Report 11/16

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My dive into AMP HTML continues to be a source of mixed emotions. It’s reminds of the old days with in-bedded styling but it also has everything new. I take solace in the fact that if I become great at it, I can build that into a niche for myself. I can build mobile sites […] Full Post »

Weekly Update

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Hello, Wow, a lot has happened since my last post. I’ll give you a course by course breakdown. ENGL106: Technical writing has gotten a little more attractive. We’ve had a speaker who leads 350seattle a nonprofit company fighting climate change here in Seattle. His ability to articulate the issues was impressive, and I understand why […] Full Post »

Weekly Report

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Hello, This report has today’s class on it. I spent 3 hours on lynda.com learning the fundamentals of PHP and discussion open source vs. closed source.   I also spent an hour setting up my blog and arguing with wordpress. You can view my report by clicking. Also, don’t forget to check out my staging […] Full Post »

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