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Published by Anthony on August 23rd, 2017 in Capstone Project

My Capstone Project

What is a capstone project? For those who may be unaware, a capstone project is a project that is a culmination of what I have learned over the course of my degree. In this instance, it would be my Associates in Applied Sciences in Web Development.

What am I going to build?

If you have played pen and paper games (PPG), you will be familiar with what I am attempting to accomplish. If you just went, “What’s a pen and paper game?” you may be a bit lost on the concept, and this is where I will start. A PPG is a typically a game that involves roleplaying and the paper contains the qualities and abilities of the character you are attempting to play. Dice rolls determine if your character’s actions are successful. You may have heard of the most popular PPG, Dungeons and Dragons.

In this project, I will be attempting to build a “game agnostic” character sheet site.   Game agnostic because people can play more than one PPG at a time and there are no websites where people can store all their sheets in one place.

Where do I want to see the project end?

I would love to be able to have it where people can have their games on a virtual table top, and people could follow other people’s games. I would even love to have built in Game Master tools (a game master, is the person who is running the game and creating the story around character interactions). With the time that I have, the minimum viable product is a character sheet versioning system.

A GitHub for character sheets if you will.

Next Steps

Discovery, Stay tuned for the post.

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