Week Report 11/16

Published by Anthony on November 17th, 2016 in Uncategorized

My dive into AMP HTML continues to be a source of mixed emotions. It’s reminds of the old days with in-bedded styling but it also has everything new. I take solace in the fact that if I become great at it, I can build that into a niche for myself. I can build mobile sites that make sure your clients wont lose half the people who attempt to load the page on the mobile web. That’s a sales pitch any firm would want. According the ampproject.org they found that the average mobile site takes 18 seconds to load. After three seconds, you lose 52% of those visitors. I agree with the people running the project, The mobile web should be fun and fast. Note like molasses on a winter’s day.

ALSO my decent into insanity increases and will need extra support as twenty credits isn’t hard enough but also need to keep up on a blogging habit. I’ve tried to maintain a blog for personal use in the past, three separate times. I couldn’t do it when I had time let alone when I’m constantly studying.

Nevertheless, I will endure.

This past week has been a low for me academically as I fight to keep up after the election. Not because of who won but rather the time taken off for my election tradition.  NEVER AGAIN WILL I TAKE TIME OFF DURING A QUARTER.

So… This weekend I look forward to a Saturday focused on C# then a SUNDAY HEAVILY focused on PHP. At least the husband will be able to assist me with both.

This week in WEB120. A test that should have been easy proved to be easy tripped me up… Darned JS. Dropped down menu based on click started to mess with me hardcore.

ITC240: i’m continually amazed by PHP. We worked on building a data base and the commands for it. However being behind… Its proven frustrating.

ITC110: C# I love programming with it. I still have no context for the most part but I’m happy that the husband uses it extensively. Need to make sure I keep this one in my repertoire considering my ambitions with raspberry pi.

ENGL106… Technical communication group project proves I’m a saint. Even though I fell into a leadership role (something I was hoping to avoid considering my credit load) we quickly found out that one of the people in the group is a special and delicate flower who doesn’t do things she’s not interested in. How she plans to deal with the professional world is beyond me. I do think that she will make a great business person if she can get past the childish behavior.

WEB105: DAMN IT ALL TO HELL. A class that is abstract and good to have, it sometimes feels like it could have been incorporated into other courses because I’ve done most it already. Thank you Olga for WEB110 and being a mentor of sorts while I worked with a final client.


Stay tuned. life is hard.

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