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Wow, a lot has happened since my last post. I’ll give you a course by course breakdown.

Technical writing has gotten a little more attractive. We’ve had a speaker who leads 350seattle a nonprofit company fighting climate change here in Seattle. His ability to articulate the issues was impressive, and I understand why he’s doing what he is doing. His passion was evident.

Group Project:
The group had a meeting Friday. Which was interrupted by the building evacuation that lasted all of five minutes? It gave me a better chance to get to know my teammates and so far I am excited. They all seem pretty excited about the project as well.

We’ve decided on approaching two nonprofits before we contact third and fourth options. Diane has stated that she has ideas for the third and forth.

Wednesday, we had in class time to discuss the project with our group. We seem to communicate well enough. I am concerned about the younger people in the group, though, they seem willing but struggle to communicate their ideas. I offset this by when they show signs of frustration, stepping up and asking open-ended questions that get them to open up. Active listening has proven itself an asset when working with them.

Individual Project:
My company Green Freedom Cooperative has changed scopes. They no longer want me to write the application for them but expect me to do a business plan. They see a niche market opening up sometime soon, and they want to be ahead of everything. My plan is to continue on the application but also do the business plan on the side. My hope is that the instructor would be willing to review it. I’ll need to make sure I complete it before the end of the quarter.


The first four-five weeks of this course is a discussion on how to approach a web project. I fear that when it kicks into gear, it’s going to prove tough to keep up with all of my work. I remain hopeful, though.


I submitted both the first assignment and the second. A portal page and a website that has a look and feel. I used my main site (anthonydevelopedthis.com) for the second assignment. The only issue is that I had to add additional work to the site that isn’t on the main website. For example, the assignment required that the navigation background changed by hovering over the element. That’s not something that I used on my site. I’m interested in feedback.

The first website, my portal page has been completed. I scored perfectly and got extra credit. Feedback included that I have completed Homework three because I have a drop down menu on the site. So woohoo!

This class promises to become more interesting when we get into reactive websites. Very excited to get out of the beginner projects.


I continue to struggle with c#. That is all.


NEED.TO.DO.MODULE.WORK.SPREADOUT. Doing it all on Wednesdays is not helping with my additional courses. Twenty credits is a lot. I need to do this smarter. Planning study schedule and spreading out the work.









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